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Orleans Dermatology & Laser Therapies is committed to providing readily accessible high quality skin care to the Cape community. We serve the folks of Orleans and the surrounding Cape Cod region. Optimal current and appropriate treatment options will be made available to promote the ongoing health of our patients. We provide therapeutic methods that can often reduce emotional and physical trauma, preventing scarring. It is our hope that you will actually enjoy coming to our office and feel very safe in our hands.



"As patients of Dr. Miriam Kravitz, let it be said that being greeted and treated by warm friendly staff, especially Medical Assistant Molly, is truly appreciated. Thank you for the cleanliness and professionalism of the practice.

Dr. Kravitz is able to manage her time in such a way that she can focus on us unhurried and is never in a rush out the door. She is very thorough when in the examining room. She even pops in when we are there for other treatments offered at her office.

Dr. Kravitz is ahead of the curve in the dermatological field and the advancement of skin care treatments; she is a model to the future of Cape Cod dermatology."

- Lewis and Cynthia Ward

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Miriam Kravitz, Doctor of Nursing Practice, completed a 3 year dermatology specialty program at the University of South Florida. USF’s is the only doctoral dermatology residency program in the country for nurse practitioners and involved coursework at the college of medicine and college of nursing, as well as training at Florida’s cancer treatment centers, dermatology practices, and wound care centers.

Michelle Barton, Doctor of Nursing Practice, practiced as a dermatology nurse practitioner in Maryland and Tennessee, before obtaining her doctorate through the University of South Florida's Dermatology Residency program. USF's doctoral program offered a combined curriculum through the Colleges of Medicine and Nursing, with residency rotations at Moffitt Cancer Center, diverse general dermatology and Mohs surgical sites, and wound care centers. She says "If I can save a life or prevent extensive surgery by detecting skin cancer in its earliest stages, I’ve fulfilled an important need for this community."