Eczema & Psoriasis

Both of these non-contagious diseases may involve recurring flares of itchy and scaling skin, though they have different appearance.

Eczema is common in patients with a childhood history of allergies, although some forms may be associated with environmental contacts and stressors first encountered during adulthood. It is characterized by red, itchy, sometimes blistering/oozing/peeling, brownish scaled areas, which become vulnerable to infections.

Our office provides diagnosis and a medical management for this uncomfortable condition, which often involves a regimen of topical medications, avoidance of triggers, and referrals for allergy testing.

Psoriasis is common and is frequently a hereditary disease. Some medications, infections, stress, smoking, skin trauma, cold weather exposure, obesity, sun burns, and alcohol consumption have all been implicated as triggers for psoriasis. An excessive build up of thick keratinocytes form silvery scales over inflamed painful red plaques on affected areas of the patient's body, due to a malfunction in the T lymphocytes of the immune system. In some cases psoriatic arthritis is another symptom indicating a need for treatment.

The care by our staff includes diagnosis, assessment, education, and medications ranging from immune system modulating topical preparations to injectable biologics for more extensive disease.

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